Gardens and Gateways

My most recent piece of work I started and finished yesterday. It’s a short work of 19 full pages single spaced. I quite like it, its original, its unique and it came from the heart. I will most likely wind up posting it at some point, for now I have other work to accomplish.

Until then, here is an excerpt:

‘I opened my eyes. I stood in the center of a wooden bridge that overlooked the river I’d heard. At the end of the bridge far on my left was an open, endless field filled with possibilities and wonder. To my right, at the other end of the bridge, was a beautiful garden. With blossoming flowers, fruit trees and vegetable plants. In the distance just behind the garden I saw a house of a beautiful design. It reminded me of a dream I’d thought I’d once had.’

Thanks for reading.
Will post full story soon.


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