Things are going to change.


So things are going to change now. As is pretty clear I have been quite absent from this forum for a very long time. However that is going to be one of the things that changes. I have spent a lot of time away from writing and now I would like to return and this time stick around. 

I am working on a few things that I am going to be publishing through this format. I am also going to be altering this specific format to something more or less resembling a website that I would like to eventual turn into a self hosted publishing tool for future work. 

I have no idea what I will call it. I suppose I will have to reside under the Simplecity28 banner for now until I come up with some other name more suited to my venture. 

I just want to take a second to say that while I will be doing my best to take this seriously, I am also doing this because I enjoy it. So I hope that you also enjoy this as well, and can take something from it. Who knows, maybe I could even be a writer whom you respect and recommend to people one day.

Is that too far-fetched?


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