Having Pride

Occasionally I will deviate from posts about writing to say something that I believe in or even to express an opinion. These are not intended to start debates or to fan any specific flames. They are however intended to be just what I have already said, forms of expression. If you agree with the things I say, fantastic! If not, I’m sure you have your reasons, and I hope you lead a happy and stress free life.

With all of the absolute insanity going on in the world it’s nice to take moments to be proud of the positive things as well. For instance, this weekend was Pride weekend in my hometown and while I didn’t stay for the parade it was nice to see so many people engaging in the festivities. That is something that I am proud of, the fact that the country I live in and the town I’m from accept all people regardless of sexual orientation. 

Loving everyone around you isn’t demanded, but treating them as your equals should be expected. Here’s to a happy pride weekend and a beautiful summer!


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