I think there’s some sort of glitch. 

Not with the actual construct of education per se, but with the available opportunities for those in my generation who have pursued higher education. There’s obviously a lot of specific areas where we will always need people but what if one of those paths isn’t the one for you? 

Let’s say your an artist then, pick your form. Now do you go to school for that too then? Do you rack up an incredible debt for that education as well but for an even shorter time in school? 

What if you devoted all that time and money you would have spent on that school on your actual craft? 

I mean isn’t art subjective to opinion. As a writer I don’t spend nearly enough of my valuable time on my craft as I should, if I did who knows what is accomplish. Yet therein lies my question. Is education for art the right path, or is art the education? 

I think I need another coffee. 


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