On The Clock

I think my greatest struggle has got to be time management. I’m not sure how many of you can relate but I’m going to assume a vast majority feel the same way. 

If I’m not distracting myself with social media or funny pictures on 9gag I’m probably watching a tv show, movie or playing a video game. The worst part of that is while I do those things; in my head I’m thinking ‘oh I know what to write for the next chapter’ or ‘yes I’ve finally figured out what that character wants!’  Yet I stay distracted so those thoughts tend to dissipate. 

I think the biggest solution to this type of problem is greater self control. Some sort of self improvement is required on that front. A good friend told me that when she wants to paint but has trouble being motivated she’ll just start doing it and the drive will come sooner or later. I respect that, I suppose I’m more lethargic than even that at times. 

Anyways, the point I’m trying to get to is, I think I could use some pointers on this one. 

Any suggestions?


One thought on “On The Clock

  1. You already answered your own question. You just start writing. Even if its something completely unrelated to what your novel is about. Freewrite about your day. Turn that into a silly story. Make up something ridiculous. The point is to get started writing. Practice every day and two things are gong to happen.

    In the short term by writing about a word, a writing prompt, image, an idea or anything you damn well feel like writing about then you can transition that energy to your novel when you get your momentum going. Write something, anything. As with anything, it becomes easier once you get into a rhythm.

    Then as you do this every day you stop letting the distractions distract you. I’ll repeat that, don’t let the distractions distract you. Condition your mind by making writing a habit. If thats what you want. If thats what you truly want. But that will not come if you use up the majority of the time you get everyday on distracting yourself. Only you can put that work in. I used to have the same problem with video games, reddit and tv. Cutting these completely or severely limiting yourself to these kinds of distractions are key towards leading a significant life.

    I’ve been writing daily short stories and felt my life change as a result of practicing the principles I’ve described above as I work on completing my novel. I use original writing prompts to generate unique daily stories that are designed to inspire. Check it out for the prompts, if only for some writing inspiration. Good luck friend!

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