Weekly Update

I think what I need to start doing in order to stay motivated is to have a weekly update. Something to let you know what I should be working on, and to remind myself, to work on it. I like to consider how you must feel in regards to the content I’m putting out, and sometimes it’s nice to know that you’re being thought of. With that being said, I do this for me. For me, for you, but for me. I think any artist can understand how that makes sense. If it’s just gibberish, let me know so I can change my websites tag line, much thanks!

Here it goes;

Current Projects

  • Happy Now?
  • Wind burnt 
  • Suffocate

Two of those are shorter stories with Wind Burnt being a sort of third part to two stories I have already put on the site (Which I will explain later). Suffocate is something special, which I will update you on as it progresses, I really need to spend more time on it. 

It has been a slower past couple weeks for me, I caught the Poke Virus as did probably 80% of the world, and I’ve been cat\house sitting for a friend while she’s on vacation. I promise I will be more active in the coming days.

Also, a photo of aforementioned cat will accompany next post, just because why not share a little of my life with you guys. Thanks for checking in with me and I hope you’re all having a fantastic summer so far!


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