11:12 PM

Sometimes I make wishes just because I know they aren’t necessarily real. The whole point of a wish is that you want something so badly that you subconsciously create opportunities for yourself to get closer to that specific goal. It’s somewhat self manipulation. Like wishing to be successful. The trick, however, is to be a productive wisher. Someone who makes the wishes and puts in the work. 

I’m what I would call a semi-productive reckless dreamer. This needs to change. Old habits die hard but when a change is needed to be had sometimes you can make an easier adjustment in line with our desires. With that being said, this ties in with a story I just posted. “I’m Here, Often”. A short story I wrote a long time ago as a companion piece to another story that I have posted here called “Transitions”. They don’t really need to be read together, but it can add clarification to certain references made in either tale. 

I plan to post a few more stories in the coming days, which I hope you’ll read and enjoy, as well as continues plugging away at the main objective at hand. I’ve had a couple uninspired weeks in regards to writing and I’m hoping to put that to bed and wake the writing machine. Otherwise, I enjoy connecting with you through these posts. I hope you find them written well and at least halfway intriguing.

Two more things; 

  1. I love writing, I hope that comes across through this site, and I hope you get enjoyment from what I love doing. If not, that’s fine too, I just hope you’re spending your time doing something you enjoy, too.
  2. Here is the artwork for “I’m Here, Often” 


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