Altering Timelines 

What happens when the thing you’re focussing on changes to something else? Do you stick with the original plan and pursue that goal? Or do you switch gears with the changed perspective and see where that takes you? Sometimes you’ll be pulled in two seperate directions and other times something sweeps you off your feet. This has happened to me and I’ve done a lot of pondering. I think I have my answer. 

I’ve been working on something since February that I’ve been really excited for you all to see. Something has occurred. A week ago I found myself pulled in a different direction with a new inspiration. It was like opening a floodgate and now I sit here with more writing done on this new story in the last week, than all the writing I did for my original project in the last six months. I’ve pulled very very late nights, very long days, and endless rambling to my loved ones. I think I’m in love with this story.

With that being said I was also in love with my original idea. However, I think a part of me always knew that it would have to evolve and become something different than I had otherwise intended. So, with that, it has. I now feel comfortable with my planned timeline and I think it’s ready to be shared. I still have much work to do on both projects, however I can tell you how this will work. My original story, Suffocate, will be split into two parts. The first will be put out this winter, and the second sometime next year. As well, The Gathering, what I am currently working on should be ready this winter as well. 

Suffocate is coming. 


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