Fainting Spell

Anyone who has ever created anything knows how it feels when you’re at the cusp of completion. When the vision in your head is almost realized in front of your face. When the work you’ve put in is staring back at you. Every artist of every variety knows that feeling. It’s terrifying. 

Will I fuck up? What if it doesn’t work out? What if I did something uninspired? What if nobody gets it? What if my mom hates it? -the questions everyone starts asking at the wrong time. It’s an impossible task to accomplish but it’s at this delicate time that you need to turn off that part of your brain. 

I envy those who can not give a fuck about anything and just do what they want without considering the opinion of others. I’m so stricken with ‘what ifs’ that I could write a book solely on those. Id call it ‘This probably won’t sell’. Nevertheless, I’ve reached the endgame, and I can actually taste victory. So it’s time to jump off the edge I guess and hope I land. 

It’s what everyone says but nobody does. I’m trying to follow this more closely myself. Take a leap of faith. Take a risk. Believe in yourself. It is the only way. 


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