No Bad Writing

No bad writing.

No. Bad. Writing.

A simple rule I placed on myself years ago. A rule that I did everything in my power to adhere to at all times. It was something that I used to judge myself with harshly. In a no holds barred sort of way where it started to seem as if I only wrote badly. If I wrote at all. The thing about this rule is that it only really exists through a specific perspective. Outside of that perspective its validity is in question. I may write something I like, you may not like it. I may write something I don’t like, you may like it. Thus the actual point of my rule is lost in its own illegitimacy.

Not to say that there is no such thing as bad writing. Because there obviously is, but I just mean to say that to criticize your own work extensively based on a vague rule is nonsense. The amount of ideas and concepts I scrapped based on this ideal is numerous. Yet maybe I did save myself from bad writing. Maybe I prevented myself from really screwing myself over with terrible writing. In that instance I thank my past self. In the off chance that I didn’t save myself from anything, then I guess it doesn’t matter anyways.

Point is. There is bad writing.

This is probably some of it.


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