Quest for Sight

There’s a thing I find myself defaulting to more often than not. A habit I have that doesn’t need breaking. A tendency that’s proven valuable and reliant. Whenever I have something that I need to work on, and I really love it, I go for a walk. Wait, I don’t like that as much. I go on a journey. I seek out the answers I need to the questions I have. 

I recently wrote a novel called The Gathering. It has yet to be published or any of those exciting things. Yet I have started writing the sequel. It’s a big one and it’s important to me. Here’s the problem. The inspiration I had for the first book hasn’t stretched itself far enough to cover the second. So I find myself at an uncomfortable place. No progress is being made but my hunger to proceed is overwhelming. 

Some people say “just write! It’ll come to you”. Those of you who follow my blog know I try and refrain from ‘bad writing’ so I’m at a standstill. In these instances I journey. It was a rainy, windy and utterly dreadful seeming day outside yet I heel toed my way around town. What did I find? Far more answers than I had before. 

The story goes on. 


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