Dexter James Morgan

Music is something that I love to create. Whether its something simple that starts out slow and builds, or if its intricate and complicated. Telling stories through an auditory medium is something that I am passionate about, and thats what you’ll find here.

Dexter James Morgan is an instrumental/electronic/cinematic music project that I started mid October 2017. It is a project that I feel very close to and something that I have been working hard on. I hope to carry on making music for Tetsuo as well, however for now I am focussed on DJM.

The first ‘album’ or collection of songs if you will, is titled “BabyBlue” and can be found on my soundcloud here. As well you can play the songs below.

I will be posting on Instagram and Twitter on behalf of DJM under the handle @DextrJamesMrgan and hope that you follow on all forms of social media.

More than that though, I hope you enjoy the soundscape and storytelling.

Thank you for your time.