This is where you will find info on all of the writing I have done, past present and upcoming.

As I post I will update this page with the title, synopsis and a little background on each individual project. I hope to do weekly updates although most of my writing is currently in notebook format and transcribing/editing can take some time. I will accompany each update with a blogpost with an excerpt from the piece.

I hope you enjoy!


Suffocate – In Progress – Winter 2016

Short Stories

Gardens and Gateways – April 2014 – A story about making decisions, choosing either the garden or the gateway.

Working Title (Writing Wrongs) – June 2016 – A story about a passionate writer who seeks the perfect ending.

Without You – November 2015 – A story about having everything you wanted but lacking the one you need.

Red Dress – November 2015 – A short story about a young woman facing a new chapter in her life and the fear of letting go.

Transitions – February 2014 – This short story is a special one, near and dear to my heart. It’s one I’ve worked on extensively and has had many incarnations. The one that is up is the purest form of it. There are certain details to it that I will reveal later on, as it does tie into another larger project of mine.


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