As someone who has primarily spent all of their time writing and reading, I have also spent an equal amount of time wanting to do and try out other formats of expression. Not all of the formats that exist can work for everyone and not everyone can do all forms of expression. Which is something that I know all too well. However, that hasn’t stopped me as of yet, as I have created not just a YouTube channel, but also a podcast.

The YouTube channel has remained fairly stagnant and was never that consistent even when it was up and running. Though it is something I think about a lot. I wish I had more time and more motivation to contribute content like the great YouTubers of our generation though I just can’t seem to swing it. Everytime I try and think up a good idea I see that it has already been done and assume that it doesn’t need to be done again. This isn’t an exceptionally creative or artistic approach, but until something new catches my eye I suppose that dormant is where my channel shall sit. Here is the last video I ever made.

The podcast is something different altogether, to start with it isn’t just my project. It also belongs to my friend Katie. Having a partner is something that insists that you stay motivated because unlike when you are doing something on your own there is a newfound sense of pressure to keep it going and to make it good. As well, it turns out that we enjoy doing it quite a lot. Which is obviously a good sign. The show has been running for almost six months now and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Check it out below.