The town was beautiful at night. Especially on a fall night such as it was. The trees were swaying softly with the breeze and the moon shone brightly and proud. The houses were all quiet and the shops were all closed. It was a small town with a fairly close knit community. The town slept peacefully most nights. Few of the residents worked that late and most of the children adhered to their curfews. Yet tonight was different. A sound rang out in the streets. It was a sound not often heard in the dead of night. It was the sound of shoes slapping the pavement as fast as they could. The source of the noise was a young girl. She was running down the street with fear in her heart. The wind was in her hair and her heart rate was only getting more rapid. Left, right, left, right. She repeated over and over in her head, focusing on only her pace. She dared not to look behind her, she knew what she’d see. So she ran as hard as she had ever ran before. She lived only twenty minutes away but each minute dragged on endlessly. Her legs started aching and her lungs hurt. She turned down the next street hoping it would serve as a short cut. It felt as long as all the others and she couldn’t tell for certain when it turned again. She heard a strange sound behind her, almost like hissing, it followed her and she turned again sharply. This time the street was more familiar, she knew she was getting closer. As she ran even harder than she knew that she could, she pushed herself further down the street and knew she was getting close. Left, right, left, right. She kept saying. Her breathing was ragged and she felt like she could faint. The sound now grew louder and this time she thought she heard whispering. It was faint and sharp, but surrounded her still. It was deafening and her head started to throb with each step she took. She thought only of home, she needed to make it. I’ll make it, I’ll make it, I’ll make it. She thought, as she turned another corner and glanced behind her. It was then that she saw it, and everything went black.


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