Depart From Me

For tonight I thought I could share something a little different with you guys. As I sit here writing out chapter 4 of The Gathering. I found myself distracted going through and deleting a lot of old Instagram posts, from before I even knew how to use it correctly (I still don’t use it correctly). While I was doing this however I came across a poem I wrote back in July of 2013 that I really liked. I re-read it now and still like it, so I figure that means it might actually be of quality. With that being said I hope you guys like it, and maybe find some inspirations from it.

Here goes.

Depart From Me
Like lines you cross, 
Like vines across.
Tangled and unmentionable 
Shielded from the day, 
A sign to many
Which means to say
I never planned to stay.