Taking Steps

I think that like anything, failure is something we can find ourselves accustomed to. I don’t mean to say in the way of accepting failures; but more in the sense of never reaching for something greater, because we accept that we wont succeed. I think I became incredibly comfortable in that realm of acceptance. Became the type of person who wouldn’t reach unless I knew I could fail safely. Didn’t take any risks unless I knew there was a backup plan. I don’t think this is a great way to live.

Thankfully, I’ve found myself slowly but surely digging my way out of that. Like any comfort zone it gets difficult to truly pull yourself from the depths, yet as with most things, it only gets easier the more you actually do it. Though I may seem to be preaching I’m still no daredevil, though I would argue that I’m at least making choices. That in the end is the hardest part I think. Making the choices that actively put you out of your comfort zone and force you to sink or swim.

Without that knee jerk reaction towards survival the human race itself would never have evolved to this point. Let alone me evolving to a level of actually being able to follow through on something. Heres to taking steps, may all of you push yourselves towards something outside your comfort zone. Find that place that you dream of reaching and reach, reach, reach until you grasp.


Chapter I

Happy Fall everyone!

In a rare and hopefully smart move, I have decided to publish the first full chapter of my book The Gathering on here. I think that Id like to give people a chance to read a little bit and let me know what they think while its in the final editing stage. The first chapter wont be going under many if any changes at all so there wont be a vast difference in what you read on here to what will be in the final product. I hope to do something exciting with the finished project but I don’t want to get myself too excited too early, thats how bad things happen.

I will say this though, I hope you enjoy the read and share it with anyone who you think might enjoy it, and don’t be afraid to let me know what you think! Anyways, this update is a shorter one, primarily to let you get straight to reading. Hope Fall is treating everyone right so far, where I am its still hot and sunny during the day but getting very cold at night. Almost all day blanket season!

The Gathering Chapter I

Thank you for your time!

I Hope This Interests You

I have posted another short story. It is one that I really care about and have spent a lot of time on. It has gone through so many revisions and changes. Been apart of larger projects and then cut to pieces again. Now it is perfect in my eye and I am proud to have it published on my site. 

I hope you take the time to read it and enjoy it. It is called “Transitions” and the artwork is below.

Having Pride

Occasionally I will deviate from posts about writing to say something that I believe in or even to express an opinion. These are not intended to start debates or to fan any specific flames. They are however intended to be just what I have already said, forms of expression. If you agree with the things I say, fantastic! If not, I’m sure you have your reasons, and I hope you lead a happy and stress free life.

With all of the absolute insanity going on in the world it’s nice to take moments to be proud of the positive things as well. For instance, this weekend was Pride weekend in my hometown and while I didn’t stay for the parade it was nice to see so many people engaging in the festivities. That is something that I am proud of, the fact that the country I live in and the town I’m from accept all people regardless of sexual orientation. 

Loving everyone around you isn’t demanded, but treating them as your equals should be expected. Here’s to a happy pride weekend and a beautiful summer!

Making Up Lost Time

Okay, I added another story to the Writing tab. The two I have added tonight are both short stories so don’t go into them expecting more than that. With that being said I have put a lot of time and care into them and really hope that you enjoy them! Check it out, it’s called “Without You”. It is unofficially related to the last story I posted, which is something I’ll explain in another post. Until then, here’s the artwork for “Without You”.

New Short Story Published

Today I added a new page to the writing section. It’s a short story I recently wrote titled “Working Title ( Writing Wrongs)” It’s about a young writer who’s devoted his life to creating art in the way he envisions it despite all other circumstances. He strives for pure perfection of his craft. It’s a three page, five paragraph tale of devotion to art and a desire for something greater than the usual. Find the story under the Writing menu tab and I hope you like it!

Below is the cover art for the story, a picture I myself took and edited.