A trend Ive noticed for myself personally is a sort of catch and release situation. In the way of, I save money for something, spend the money and then have to save up again. Alternatively it can go more like spend a large amount on credit, then pay it off, lather rinse repeat. The thing about this seems to be that while its avoidable, its a way of life. We as humans are constantly doing it. I know I am.

With that said, whats the solutions? I feel as though its becoming the kind of thing where we as a society don’t like doing things with our time that doesn’t result in money. I myself feel that pull. Its where art can become a confliction at times. I work a full time day job, as I’m sure all of you do too, and then in my off hours i spend many of my free hours creating art. That art has made me zero dollars, but i spend as much time on it as i could on a full time job. So where on earth is the payoff?

I think for me that payoff is in finishing something that your’e proud of, creating something thats beautiful and completely your own design. Yet, at some point isn’t the point of that to make a living? If that isn’t the endgame then what is your time being used for? Im not saying that you cant do these things purely for enjoyment without any desire for fame or fortune. Im merely wondering how that spent time weighs out in comparison. That famous quote exists for a reason ‘If your’e good at something never do it for free’. I agree with that.

So then, as people who are talented and or gifted, why are we always spending our time for zero compensation? Isn’t that just doubling down on a loss? If the banks started asking you to pay $5 for every transaction you made using your card, would it be worth it in the end? I personally love spending my time on my art, and i get endless satisfaction from it. Although, I would definitely love to turn what is currently a hobby, into a career.

Also, I know not everyone wants to make money on their art. That too is acceptable.


On The Clock

I think my greatest struggle has got to be time management. I’m not sure how many of you can relate but I’m going to assume a vast majority feel the same way. 

If I’m not distracting myself with social media or funny pictures on 9gag I’m probably watching a tv show, movie or playing a video game. The worst part of that is while I do those things; in my head I’m thinking ‘oh I know what to write for the next chapter’ or ‘yes I’ve finally figured out what that character wants!’  Yet I stay distracted so those thoughts tend to dissipate. 

I think the biggest solution to this type of problem is greater self control. Some sort of self improvement is required on that front. A good friend told me that when she wants to paint but has trouble being motivated she’ll just start doing it and the drive will come sooner or later. I respect that, I suppose I’m more lethargic than even that at times. 

Anyways, the point I’m trying to get to is, I think I could use some pointers on this one. 

Any suggestions?